Now in his fifth decade in business, Chris Borland is the longest-practicing academic coach in the greater San Francisco Bay Area (since 1978).

Combining 45+ years as a professional private teacher with expertise in one-on-one communication and specialized coaching skills honed during more than 25,000 tutorial sessions with nearly 2,000 students from more than 100 schools, he's one of the most experienced, well-known, and respected test prep coaches around.

Specializing in math for standardized tests, intellectual skills, and academic mentoring, Chris brings a love of learning, an energetic enthusiasm, and a total commitment to his work that are rare and infectious.

He believes, as did Socrates, that "all learning is remembering," that curiosity and wonderment are natural, and that, with sufficient inspiration and support, all students can become successful learners.

Known for his ability to motivate students to pursue their personal best inside and outside the classroom, Chris has a knack for assessing and addressing the particular needs of individual students and conveying academic information in a way that's crystal clear, engaging, and effective.

To find out more, read Chris's letters of recommendation (70 glowing tributes, 1979-2014), check recent testimonials (perfect five-star Yelp rating, more than 60 reviews in total), and see results of his research into pretty pre-calculus graphs.