History of the SAT and ACT
Interesting historical timeline charting development and evolution of the SAT and ACT from late 19th century to the modern era.


Compass: Comparing SAT and ACT Scores
Compass Education Group's excellent comparison tool for equating PSAT, SAT, and ACT scores. The go-to concordance option relating all three tests. Download PDF here.

SAT/ACT Concordanc at
This conversion tool takes a score from one test as an input and outputs an equivalent score on the other.

New SAT and ACT Score Ranges for Popular Schools
"What's a good score?" It depends on the particular school you're shooting for. Find estimated 25th-75th percentile SAT and ACT score ranges for 360 popular colleges and universities.


The Critical Reader
Erica Meltzer's outstanding SAT/ACT prep site. Great advice and free study guides to help students tackle reading and writing sections of each test.

PrepScholar SAT/ACT Blog
Good source of basic, generic advice on a wide variety of topics pertaining to SAT and ACT prep, college admission, and more.


Calculator Policies: SAT and ACT
SAT and ACT policies regulate the types and models of hand-held calculators allowed for use on mathematics sections of these tests. Up-to-date, official information.

Erica Melter
Summary of super tutor Erica Meltzer's approach to reading comprehension. Excellent general strategies for tackling reading tests of all kinds. Meltzer's reading and writing test prep site here.

Swell Education Group: Practice Tests
Naomi Zell’s Swell Education hosts proctored, "dress rehearsal" practice tests with detailed score reports for students taking the SAT or ACT.

Best corporate outfit. Excellent one-stop-shop for standardized test prep, also offering proctored practice testing, Tutor quality will vary, as is the case with any large company (luck of the draw).