Math as Art

Math as Art

As the study of real and abstract patterns, mathematics is an inherently creative and artistic endeavor.

Recent advances in computer technology have finally made possible the widespread discovery and appreciation of the sublime beauty of mathematics. Once the province of a select few, the art of math can now be freely enjoyed by all.

Unfortunately, many of us have been mistaught that math is a dry, rote, one-dimensional activity devoid of originality or inventiveness and lacking any real connection to the arts. Fortunately for me, I was not one of them. I've always been intrigued by the astonishing musicality of mathematics and entranced by its subtle aesthetics and alluring forms, and I strive to share this perspective with my students.

I hope you'll enjoy the following graphs of mathematical relations involving nothing more sophisticated than high school precalculus.

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[Graphs above were created using Pacific Tech's pioneering "Graphing Calculator" app in the 1990's, hence the monochrome output and poor resolution.]

Pasted Graphic

tan[rx(cos[rysin(rx)])] < xcosy

Pasted Graphic 4

x = cos11t
y = sin13t

Pasted Graphic 5

x^3 = 1+7tanxy^2

Pasted Graphic

x = (u/5)cosu
y = (u/5)sinu

Pasted Graphic 1

y = tanx+cotx+{-5..5}
r = secx

Looking for more?

There's no better place to refute the ridiculuous notion of the lifeless sterility of mathematics than the
Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

Take a moment or two to enjoy the amazing, delightful mathematical pictures you'll find there.

[Requires software download to interact with the artwork].

I think you'll agree – math is art, indeed!

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