Services Offered

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Academic Coaching for Individuals and Groups

All levels of elementary, middle, and high school mathematics (arithmetic to calculus AB)

Preparation for all sections of the ACT, PACT, SAT, PSAT, SAT Math Subject Tests (Levels 1-2), SSAT, HSPT, ISEE, and other standardized tests

General academic/learning skills (study habits, organization, efficiency, time and coursework management, information memorization/recall, creative and analytic techniques, writing, test taking, confidence/competence/motivation, etc.)

Academic mentoring (inspiring, enthusiastic, dedicated personal support and assistance to help students establish and maintain high academic standards, reach their personal best, and maximize success in school)

Extensive experience working with students with special needs (gifted/talented students, those challenged by test anxiety, math phobia, learning differences or disabilities, ADD/ADHD, etc.), as well as those in the general student population

Utilizing both Socratic ("leading question") and direct instruction methods, together with specialized techniques and select instructional modalities (verbalizing/visualizing, math manipulatives, mental-state anchoring, etc.)

Personalized study programs and individually crafted homework assignments tailored to the particular needs and goals of each student

All ages and abilities

Groups of all sizes

Since 1977

Courses and Workshops

Borland Educational Test Strategy Workshops: ACT, SAT, SAT Math, SSAT, HSPT

The Graphing Calculator: Using the TI-84 Plus CE to Ace Standardized Math Tests

Algebra/Geometry Head Start: Be Prepared! Catch up! Get ahead!

Math that Matters: Mastering Mental Arithmetic

Make Learning a Basic Family Value: A Workshop for Parents of Young Children

Independent Study

Fully accredited high school and college courses offered online through Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, BYU, ASU, and other quality providers (replace low grades, move ahead, earn additional credits with convenient/flexible scheduling and deadlines)

Customized courses of study to prepare for entrance exams, earn credit by examination, review course work, fill knowledge gaps, or get a “head start” (review/preview classes)

Remediation for struggling students and supplementation for those identified as gifted and talented


Expert referrals to other top tutors and academic coaches, college counselors, educational therapists, neuropsychological evaluation/testing specialists, education companies, organizations, publications, and online resources

• Business coaching for private practice educators

Home schooling and independent study support and advice

Choosing educational technology and software

Availability and Fees

Services are provided at Borland Educational offices in Sausalito and Santa Rosa, California. Chris also works with students in their homes in San Francisco, Marin, and Sonoma County, at school, and over the phone, and is available to travel by special arrangement throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, California, the United States, and internationally to work with individuals and groups of all sizes.

Chris's fees are high, in line with those of other top professional academic coaches in the San Francisco Bay Area. Accordingly, discounts are offered for small groups, advance payment, bulk purchase, and sessions conducted at local Borland Educational offices.

You can book private sessions with Chris for as little as $210 per hour, depending on location and payment options selected. For details, visit the

Terms of Service

here for complete information on policies: academic coaching and consulting fees, sessions length and overtime minutes, cancellations, and payments.

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