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Ed Theory and History



Brief overview covering educational history, theory, developmental, modalities, psychology. Excellent “See Also” section provides key links for further research.

Education in the United States
Comprehensive article examining in some detail key aspects of public, private, and home school education in America. 227 footnotes; most are linked.

History of Universities
Linked list of articles presenting histories of major world universities from ancient times to the present day.

History of the Tutorial
Brief history of the tutorial system of education still used at Oxford and Cambridge. See also:
Tutorial System, Tutorial Teaching, and What I Learned.



Maria Montessori
Pioneering Italian educator who taught children learn best through "practical play," "spontaneous discipline," use of manipulatives, and natural exploration.

Jean Piaget
Swiss psychologist and epistomologist who advocated a "child-centered" approach to learning, believing that education should "make creators, not conformists."

Jo Boaler
Math Education professor at Stanford University and director of
YouCubed, an online resource for open, creative, maximally effective math instruction.

The Socratic Method
Stonemason, student, teacher, warrior, dissident "corruptor of youth," the man known secondhand as
Socrates is a founder of western philosophy and pedagogy.

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