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College Admission and Financial Aid



Chegg: Explore Colleges
Excellent place to start the college search. Find college overviews, key data, and develop a list of prospective schools.

In-depth stats on colleges accessible by topic, location, institution, type of school. Create a table to compare user-selected schools and data.

College Board: Big Future
Great resources and info from the College Board on getting ready for college, finding schools, getting in, selecting majors, and paying for it all.

Site recommends schools based on user profile information. Read student reviews, calculate admission chances, estimate aid, compare schools, plan visits, more.

College Confidential
Best college research portal, by far. Bursting with important, useful info on every aspect of college admissions and campus life. College Forums are the best part.

Princeton Review: Best Colleges
PR collects data from annual questionaires submitted by students at every major college in America. Your future college is in this book. Get the latest edition.

Fisk Guide
A best-selling college search guide for decades. Former NY Times Education Editor Edward Fiske gives his take on 300+ favorite schools in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.


Application and Admission

Hire a Good College Admissions Consultant
Some of the cost of higher education should be spent sophomore-senior year in high school on expert help navigating the Byzantine college admissions process.

Admission Matters (Reider, Springer)
Get up to speed on the basics of the college admissions process (courses, grades, EC’s, college choice, Common App, test prep, essays, letters, aid, and more).

Getting Into College (Kabat, Korn)
500+ pages of great advice and tips from top advisors, admissions reps, and students from great colleges all over the country. A page turner.

On Writing the College Application Essay (Bauld)
Gold standard of college essay handbooks. Former Ivy League admissions officer lays it all out: the good, the bad, the really ugly, the truly beautiful. Indispensable.

College Visits
It's imperative that students and parents visit and fully qualify prospective schools – in person – before accepting any offer of admission.


Financial Aid and College Costs

College Board Big Future: Financial Aid
Excellent trove of general information on all aspects of college costs, the financial aid process, scholarship search, etc.

First stop online for scholarship-shoppers. Leading pay-for-college portal helping connect students with scholarships and financial aid resources of all kinds.

Chegg Scholarships
Use your Chegg profile to search for well-matched scholarships among more than 25,000 offerings.

College Confidential: Financial Aid and Scholarships Forum
Up-to-the-minute info, tips, and tricks from the best students and most tenacious parents in the country on how to find the money to pay for college.

This highly competitive program open to high school sophomores offers full-ride scholarships at top American schools to stellar students from low-income families.

Three Year Degrees
A good way to save money on education is to complete one's degree sooner. While not the best option for everyone, less expensive "quickie degrees" are catching on.

Amazon Used Textbooks
College students can spend $2000 per year on textbooks. Buying good used copies on amazon can easily cut that in half. With older editions, students save even more.

Top Lower-Income Students Should Aim High
Elite schools typically offer free tuition and an admissions bump for high-achieving low-income students. The Ivies cost these students far less than a state degree!

The Junior College Transfer Option
Why pay full-fare for four years? Transferring to the in-state flagship school after living at home and taking JC courses produces the same result for half the cost.



Common Data Set
After listing schools to consider, it's time to gather and compare key information in each school's Common Data Set file. Search for: "Common Data Set [SchoolName]."

College Rankings
For good or ill, college rankings are here to stay and will likely continue to form an important feature of the college admissions landscape for the foreseeable future.

Gap Years
An increasingly popular option, many students take a year off after high school to rest, earn, mature, travel, take head start classes, clarify goals and interests, etc.

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