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Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Sound too good to be true? Not at all. This simple system works and can have most reading-ready 4-6 year olds reading at second grade level in just several months.

Bob Books
Great series of short early readers for youngsters just starting to read. Black/white drawings can be colored-in for even more fun! Start with Set 1-2, Collection 1-2.

Childcraft: How and Why Collection
World Book's excellent series of early non-fiction material for beginning readers. Older editions on eBay are just as good and far less expensive.



D’Nealian Manuscript Write-on/Wipe-off Board
Fine D'Nealian manuscript is better than block for several reasons, progresses easily to
cursive (or not). Write-on/wipe-off board reinforces proper strokes.

D'Nealian Workbooks
Handwriting is an important but neglected art. A beautiful hand promotes development of fine motor skills and mental focus, makes students stand out.



Read, Write & Type
Excellent way to teach keyboard-ready kids as young as 4-6 years old to touch-type. Simultaneously reinforces phonics and early reading skills.

Dance Mat Typing
Fun way for youngsters to learn touch-typing skills. Great site, sponsored by the venerable BBC.
Used my millions of students and 1/4 million teachers, provides touch-typing instruction for all levels, plus typing test, games, statistics, more.

Online typing tutor gives basic instruction to beginning keyboarders. The site also offers a typing test and list of high scores (200 wpm at 100%!).


Very Early Learning

Hidden Picture Puzzles
Those of a certain age will fondly remember Highlights Magazine's hidden picture puzzles; a fun activitiy for building attention span, focus, patience.

Connect the Dots
One of the best ways for young children to learn numbers and counting; play online or print out
worksheets to complete and color offline.

Color by Number
Another fun way for introduce kids to fun with numbers. Paint on-screen or print for offline completion.



Stack The Countries
Award-winning game enables memorization of border outlines and basic facts about nations of the world (e.g. language spoken, contiguous countries). Diverting!

Stack The States
This is essentially "Stack the Countries" for the 50 United States of America. Same kind of game, same kind of fun. Also the winner of several awards.

Mobile Mostessori
Excellent library of apps bearing the venerable Montesorri name help children learn math, geography, language, science.

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