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National Association of Independent Schools
NAIS oversees state, regional, national, and international accrediting bodies that certify more than 1800 independent schools in the U.S. and abroad.

Private School Review
This site helps parents "learn about boarding schools, find schools, get admissions tips and financial aid help." See also Boarding School Review.

College Confidential: Prep School Admissions Forum
Hundreds of pages and thousands of threads covering myriad aspects of prep and boarding school admissions. The inside story on schools, testing, applying, more.

The Association of Boarding Schools
International organization serving college prep boarding schools and championing "the compelling benefits of living and learning in an academic community."

SSAT School Search
Use the search functions of the SSAT School Search Page to find basic information about independent schools.



Niche: Private K-12 School Rankings
Rankings and in-depth profiles of K-12 schools and communities, by location. Cool resource for families planning a move and for parents comparing private schools.

Best Schools: Best Private Elementary Schools
The Best Schools ranking of independent primary schools provides parents and others a place to start when beginning research into private school options.

Business insider: Best Private High Schools
Short and sweet. Takes the Niche rankings and lists the category in which each school got its lowest grade.



Parent's Guide to Independent Schools
Start out on the learning curve. Discover what an independent school education has to offer, how to find and apply to the right school, and what it takes to get in.

Private Schools Admissions
Comprehensive article on the complex independent schools admissions process, including: types of schools, curriculum, testing, ratings, applying, financial aid.

How to Navigate Private School Admissions offers its perspective on the best way to find a seat for your child at a good independent school. An excellent piece, with links to related articles.

Getting Into Private School
A quick look at various factors involved in applying to private schools, by Private School Review.

What Do AdComs Look For?
It's the big question. To address it, provides a look inside the minds of admission committee members.

School Choice International's helpful and informative list of frequently asked questions about the process of gaining admission to independent schools.



Independent Education Consultants Association
The IECA, founded in 1976, is a professional organization devoted to the field and practice of educational consulting. Search for a private school consultant

Professional Referrals Resources Page
Trustworthy personal recommendations are always best. My favorite consultants in the SF area will likely be able to help your family, or refer you to someone who can.



Bay Area Independent Schools
Convenient list of links to web sites of well-known private schools in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Admissions to Private Schools is a Stress Test
... but you already knew that. Could it be as bad or worse than the notorious college admissions process? Yes, it could. Steel yourself, and buckle up.

Choosing a School
PBS article covers the most essential questions. How do
teachers in the UK pick a school for their own children? US News outlines how to select the right high school.

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