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History of the SAT and ACT
Interesting historical timeline charting development of the SAT and ACT from late 19th century to the present day.



Comparing SAT and ACT Scores: Which Test Should I Take?
Compass Education Group's helpful comparison tool for deciding between the SAT and the ACT.

2018 ACT/SAT Concordance
tables listing equivalent test scores on the ACT vs. New SAT (1600) vs. Old SAT (2400) vs. Older SAT (1600). See: Guide to the 2018 ACT/SAT Concordance.

New SAT and ACT Score Ranges for Popular Schools
"What's a good score?" Estimated 25th-75th percentile SAT and ACT score ranges for 360 popular schools.



The Critical Reader
Erica Meltzer's outstanding SAT/ACT prep site. Great advice and free study guides to help tackle the reading, grammar, essay sections of each test.

SATQuantum and QuantumACTPrep
Video explanations for every math question on each published New SAT and New ACT. Mahendra Dabral's expert insight and superb instruction is well worth the $$.

PrepScholar SAT/ACT Blog
Good advice on a large variety of topics pertaining to test prep and general college admission.


Proctored Tests

Compass Education Group: Practice Tests
“Dress Rehearsals” are indispensable. Compass also offers proctored practice testing and customized reporting for: PSAT/SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, SSAT/ISEE.

Swell Education Group: Practice Tests
Naomi Zell’s Swell Education also provides proctored practice testing with detailed score reports for students taking the SAT or ACT.



Calculator Policies: SAT and ACT
SAT and ACT policies regulate the types and models of calculators allowed for use in solving math problems on standardized tests administered by each organization.

Pay-to-play site makes it easy to learn new words and remember them. Specialized lists for GRE and SAT. Ingenious tools + spaced repetition = efficient learning.

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