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SAT Info

Wikipedia: SAT
Wiki article covering the SAT, relevant facts and statistics, its long history and current incarnation, and various controversies.

College Board: SAT
Official College Board (CB) information on test content, structure, scoring, test dates, preparation, accommodations, policies, and more.

SAT Structure and Content
Detailed official information, background, and test specifications for each section of the SAT. More concise presentations
here and here.

SAT Scoring
SAT metrics chart: total, section, test, essay, and cross-test scores and subscores. PrepScholar article
here. Sample score report here. SAT/PSAT score overview here.

SAT Percentile Ranks
See “SAT User” percentiles listed on pg. 5-6 of "SAT: Understanding Scores (2017)." To finely parse higher scores, see 2016 high-precision SAT percentiles


SAT Materials

The Official SAT Study Guide
College Board's official guide to the SAT. The only book containing real SATs for practice. Contains eight full-length tests, with explanations for each answer.

Download Official SAT Tests
College Board's current collection of official SAT practice tests, essays, answers, explanations, and scoring tools.

Official SAT Sample Questions
Sample questions online introduce new test takers to each section of the SAT:
Math – Calculator, Math – No Calculator, Reading, Writing and Language, Essay.

Khan Academy
Khan is CB's partner in providing free SAT prep and the only source of official non-test practice content for the
Math section. See also: Reading and Writing, Essay.

Tutor Ted’s Guide to the SAT
He's done it again! Tutor Ted is back with an excellent updated guide covering all SAT sections plus tips, strategies, wit, sage advice. Best comprehensive SAT guide.

Tutor Ted’s SAT Practice Tests
Set of four well-designed mock SAT tests for student practice, with explanations. A must-buy, given the relative dearth of publicly available official redesigned SATs.

Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar
Erica Meltzer's excellent grammar workbook offering instruction and practice with the limited subset of English grammar rules tested on the SAT.

Critical Reader: The Complete Guide to SAT Reading
Meltzer's comprehensive guide to the SAT reading section. The book covers general approach, tips, and strategies, and contains realistic SAT reading exercises.

Tackling the SAT Essay
Supertutor Erica Meltzer explains how to approach the SAT rhetorical analysis essay. Robert Kohen's guide
here. PrepScholar essay template here.



CB site provides official test info. Look
inside the PSAT, see sample questions, take practice tests, understand scores and score reports, and more.

PSAT Prep Plan
Concise PrepScholar guide provides solid advice on getting ready for the PSAT. Covers who should take the test, why you should prepare, how to prep, more.

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