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Offical site for the SSAT. Best single resource for information on the test. You must set up an account here to register for the test, find scores, get score reports, etc.

Middle-Upper Level SSAT at a Glance
Excellent pdf brochure providing all basic information for the middle and upper level SSAT test. Reading this short brochure is the best way to get started.

SSAT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines
Current testing and registration calendar, complete fee schedule, refund and waiver policies, etc.

SSAT Testing Accommodations
All about SSAT testing accomodations: deadlines, accomodations guide and tutorial, accomodations and approver videos, Sunday testing, etc.

About SSAT Scores
All about SSAT scores: reading and understanding the score report, interpreting scores, getting/sending scores, percentiles, equating, raw vs. scaled scores, etc.

FAQ Index
Frequently asked questions on: registration, accommodations, fees, payment, prep, scores, schools, SAO, account, recommendations and transcript, advisors, etc.


Recommended Study Materials

Official SSAT Guidebooks
The only source of current-format official SSAT practice tests. Get middle and upper level books (use mid-level for intro work, upper level for dress rehearsal).

Princeton Review: Cracking the SSAT & ISEE
Best all-around SSAT prep book. PR SSAT has been known for decades for its excellent strategy, math, vocabulary sections. Two full-length practice tests.

Kaplan: SSAT & ISEE Prep
Great companion guide to the PR book. Longer reading passages reflect SSAT reality. Good strategy, math, vocab sections complement PR. Two practice tests.

Peterson’s: Master The SSAT & ISEE
Mini-tests for synonyms, analogies, reading, math plus two practice tests make this book the next in line for SSAT prep. If possible, get the 8th edition (©2009).

Barron's SSAT/ISEE
Standard, plain vanilla SSAT prep book. Not outstanding, but given the dearth of reasonably good SSAT practice tests, you may need it.

McGraw-Hill Education SSAT/ISEE
Last in line. Three more practice SSAT tests, plus additional verbal, math, reading exercises. Use longer ISEE reading passages as proxies for SSAT reading.



Official SSAT Online Course
SSAT's answer to the move to official online instruction. Tests can't be printed, reading passage are too short, but extra offical math/verbal material is helpful.

Online course offering full-length practice exams and subsection tests with explanations for each answer. Excellent for self study and tutorial supplementation.

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