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Wikipedia: Graduate Record Examinations
General information on the GRE, its history, structure, scoring, controversies, and revisions.

Official GRE site. Check here for the final word on GRE content, preparation, policies, practices, and more.

GRE Structure, Content, Scoring, Percentiles
See also: Understanding Your Scores, Getting Your Scores for details and official info on scoring and distributions by field and to view sample GRE score reports.



Official GRE Prep Materials
Official materials produced by test makers form the backbone of standardized test prep. ETS offers several useful tools for those preparing to take the GRE.

Overview of the Quantitative Reasoning Measure
Comprehensive outline of all math topics and subtopics tested on GRE. Detailed topics index with links to Khan Academy videos here. ETS info here.

Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Flashcards
Best list of GRE vocabulary (see highly-rated apps for
iOS and Android and PDF list here). PrepScholar tips, aggregate GRE vocab list here. ETS info here and here.

GRE Reading Comprehension
Get a handle on GRE Reading Comprehension with's compilation of basic RC strategies, tips, and advice. Magoosh RC guide
here. ETS info here.

Tackling the GRE Essays
Cruchprep offers basic guidance, tips, techniques, and strategies to improve scores on the GRE essays. Magoosh guide
here. ETS info here.

5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems (Manhattan Prep)
Over 2000 realistic, graduated GRE practice questions make targeted practice easy. Well-designed questions; iffier explanations. Superb all-around GRE workbook.



Stellar GRE: Orion Taraban
A practicing psychologist with a perfect GRE score, superlative teaching chops, and matchless
insight into the GRE, Orion could be the best GRE coach on the planet.

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