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Vocabulary Study

Vocabulary Cartoons
Creating outrageous or hilarious pictures or stories is a great way to learn new words. Add'l volumes
here and here help train students in this powerful technique.

Word Power Made Easy
Classic vocabulary development book. “Make words your slaves in 15 minutes a day!” A great way to stimulate and direct a word collection hobby.
Best vocabulary development site online. Fabulous dictionary, list creation/editing, multiple question formats make learning new words fun.


Online Dictionaries

Excellent dictionary/thesaurus. “Did You Know” section discusses etymology, word usage. Simplified definitions for kids, English learners, etc.

Multiple definitions, etymologies from major online dictionaries. Includes pictures, discussion (comments), related words (e.g. rhymes).
Basic online dictionary provides definitions, synonyms, word origin, pronunciation, examples in context.
Companion site to, provides antonyms and a comprehensive list of synonyms sorted by shade of meaning.

Online Etymology Dictionary
This resource provides short definitions and extensive info on history and etymology of words, including related forms and expressions.

OneLook Dictionary Search
Reverse dictionary finds words with given meaning. Searches dozens of online dictionaries simultaneously (returning a list of definition links).

Mnemonic Dictionary
Word lookup providing user-suggested mnemonics (with ratings!) for words along with basic definitions, synonyms.

Master Root List
Alphabetized list of more than 1000 Latin/Greek roots of English words, with examples.


Grammar Guides
A mega-site for students and teachers of English grammar at all levels. Includes forums, specialized vocabulary lists, resources, writing and citation guides.

English Grammar 101
Extensive collection of lessons covering topics in beginning through advanced English grammar. Online exercises for each lesson provide immediate feedback.
Simpler, more accessible treatment of most English grammar rules, with lessons, exercises, writing guides, and more.

Grammar Glossary
Complete list of grammar terms and definitions with convenient links to lessons relating to each one.

English for Everyone: English Grammar Guide
Good old-fashioned approach to English grammar. It's hard to find good modern grammar books; this one does the job well.



Cool sentence diagramming app progressing from beginner to intermediate level. Great way to infatuate students with patterns of language and grammar.

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