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Excellent basic to-do list and task manager, with manual and automatic daily
backup. Nothing fancy, just the bare essentials. Also for iOS, Android, Chrome.



The Myth of Multitasking
Although adherents may disagree vociferously, multitasking rarely works as well as uni-tasking. Better to befriend boredom, and do one thing at a time, impeccably.

Get The Solutions Manual
In difficult math/science courses, one needs not just a list of answers, but how to get the answers. You can often buy such a book: the "Student Solutions Manual."

Study Buddies!
Solitary study necessarily forms the backbone of most academic activity, but group study with like-minded students complements solo work extremely well.

Two Dynamite Questions
Be “that kid” who asks great questions in class. Each day, jot down two dynamite questions to ask tomorrow. Doing so helps everyone: teacher, students, yourself.

Don't Let Your Studies Put You To Sleep
On heavy work days, do the boring, tedious, conceptual stuff first. Save the most active and interesting work for last. Calculus at 1130pm? Not a good idea.

Follow A Daily Study Schedule
Nothing is more important than automating your homework routine. Improvising your studies on a daily basis is unnecessarily exhausting and stressful.

Elephant's Memory
Utilizing mnemonics, association, and other easy-to-learn memory tricks can greatly ease memorization of related bits of information. π to 100 digits? Easy!

Can Beautiful Handwriting Improve Grades?
The fine-motor skills and attention to detail required to produce beautiful handwriting may have a positive spill-over effect on academic work generally.

Front And Center
What's the best seat in class? When you can, especially if you’re easily distracted, grab the middle seat in the first row. It could make a big difference in your grade.

NO MUSIC While Studying
How many tests have you taken to music? It’s called homework for a reason! No matter how much you like to study with music, you’ll get better results without it.



UCL Study Skills
Concise presentations of top-level study skills expected of students attending University College London. See Cornell's study skills guide

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