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Rosetta Stone – Language Learning Software
Language learning software uses images, text, sound to teach words, grammar by spaced repetition, without translation. 30+ languages. Also by subscription.

Excellent free site and app that teaches languages through reading, writing, speaking, and listening drills, article translation, immersion, more.
Similar to Rosetta stone, but much less expensive, limited number of languages. Sort of a cross between Rosetta Stone and Duolingo. Excellent program.

BBC Languages
Comprehensive lessons in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, and Chinese. Video, vocabulary, assessment, the works. All free.

U.S. government language resources designed by professionals for U.S. Foreign Services. HUGE number of languages. Privately maintained. Original site

Join tens of millions of registered native speakers teaching each other languages of the world! Extra resources for paid members.

Living Language
Paid courses provide vocabulary and grammar instruction, conversations, cultural notes, e-tutoring with native speakers. Free resources


About Language

The scientific study of language: form, meaning, context; grammar, stylistics; role in cognition, psychology, biology, ontology; etc.

Language Families
Trees and charts show the familial relationships between world languages. Includes info on a conjectured human
Mother Language. More here.

Rigorous, in-depth, authoritative, searchable information on all known human languages (more than 7000). Regularly updated.

“The online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages.” Details on 1000+ languages, 180 writing systems. Overflowing with tantalizing info. Amazing site.



700 Reasons for Studying Languages
In case you need to be convinced, here’s a database of 700 detailed reasons (with citations) to learn languages.

Language Learning Tips
The administrator of Omniglot (who knows 20 languages) provides his personal suggestions for learning languages, favorite learning sites, etc. More tips

Guide to Languages
“A taster of the 20 languages most widely spoken in the world to help you decide [which one(s) to study].”

Database of links to 8000+ language dictionaries, translation sites, and subject-specific glossaries. Includes
quick translation page.

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