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Philosophy and Ethics


The Golden Rule
A "common thread" uniting religions and philosphies throughout history and across civilizations (click
here for a poster). The Golden Rule is the basis of all true ethics.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
This repository of information about famous names and great ideas in philosophy is a "scholarly dynamic reference work" regularly updated by experts.

ThoughtCo: Philosophy
Excellent place to nuture a budding interest in the search for answers to life's great questions.

This Athenian started it all! His question-based approach fostered intellectual honesty, inquiry, exploration, and discovery of precious truth.

Buckminster Fuller
The 21st century's most gifted philosopher/scientist/inventor. An early advocate of systems theory and sustainable design, Bucky was way ahead of his time.

Alan Watts
British expat iconoclast and "lone-wolf philosopher" credited with being among the first to popularize Eastern Philosophy in western countries.

Werner Erhard
Controversial founder of est and seminal leader in the Human Potential Movement who "brought enlightenment to the West" in the 1970s.

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