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What is Money?
The answer is no longer obvious. First, it was any "store of value." Then, time was money, Today, money has evolved into various physical, fiat, and virtual forms.

Khan Academy: Economics and Finance
Look no further than Salman Kahn for short, easy, effectively presented courses covering basic principles of economics, finance, and investing.


Personal Finance

Money Flow
Money behaves like a stream flowing one way ($ in, $ out). The "money buckets" analogy helps us understand, control, and optimize its course in our lives.

Budgeting for Lazy People
There are many ways to budget. Why do so many people forgo budgeting? Two guiding principles make it simple: Live Below Your Means, and the Rule of Fourths.

Current interest rates on mortgages, credit cards, car loans, bank accounts, other financial products. Expert advice on money matters. Useful financial calculators.
One-stop personal money management. Budget, balance accounts, pay bills, track expenses, find savings, follow investments. Your financial life at your fingertips!

Insurance Basics
Lifehacker provides basic info on common insurance products you probably need and should definitely be familiar with. Second opinion from here.

Best Savings Accounts
Motley Fool lists banks paying the highest interest rates on savings accounts. Find MF editors' best picks for high yield savings accounts

Establishing Credit
Next to your education and saving/spending habits, your
credit score will have the greatest impact on your financial life. It's crucial to build excellent credit asap.



Top financial education site. Comprehensive financial dictionary, net worth calculator, stock simulator game, financial advice, trading academy, and more.

Motley Fool
Well respected financial education and advisory site, covering: news, stock picks, how to invest, retirement, taxes, personal finance, forums, premium services.

Yahoo Finance
One-stop shop for all kinds of important financial and market info. Current prices, rates, charts, news, recommendations, screeners, calculators, watch-lists, hot tips.

Well-known business-centric site "... delivering business and financial information, news and insights to customers around the world."

Award-winning business forecasts and financial advice published in print since 1920 and now available online, as well.

Active vs. Passive Investing
Understanding and productively utilizing each of these very different investing styles helps investors balance risks and rewards.

Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis
Careful analysis (doing one's homework) is essential for success as an active trader/investor.

Value Investing
Buying undervalued companies (and selling overvalued ones) is the principle technique used by
Warren Buffett to make his many billions.

Alternative Investments
What else to buy besides stocks, bonds, and related funds/ETFs? Plenty, if you're careful, don't mind a learning curve, and aren't unduly intimidated by risk.

Brokerage Reviews
Investopedia's rankings of popular investment brokers. Be sure to check out established low-cost companies like Charles Schwab.

Robin Hood
Mission: "Democratize the American financial system." Free stock trades, SPIC protection, options & cryptocurrentices make RH is a *great* choice for beginners.

Thanks to crowdfunding, you no longer have to be a rich venture capitalist to invest in startups. Put as little as $50 into micro-companies you believe will hit it big.



Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in your 20's and 30's
A healthy relationship with money is most important in one's early earning years, when decisions made set in motion powerful life-long forces for good or ill.

The Richest Man in Babylon
Financial wisdom a century old. Parables set in Babylon teach lessons in money management. First published in 1926, this could be the best $13 you ever spend.



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